Sun In Bloom

This morning I had breakfast at Sun In Bloom, a vegan cafe and kitchen located in Park Slope. Worth it.

Celiac Story: Very safe and makes you feel like you’re like everyone else.
Menu Navigation: “GF” everywhere with a note at the bottom to notify your server.
Menu Offerings: Pretty much the entire menu can be done GF, w/much already GF.
Price (for NYC): Won’t break the bank, but won’t be couch change either.
Portions: They do the trick, but you won’t be taking home left-overs.
Flavor: Clean, subtle flavors that highlight the ingredients well.
Feel: Sunny, rustic and cute. You definitely feel like NPR is playing (even though nothing is actually playing), but it doesn’t beat you over the head with anything. All are welcome.
Location: Easy to get to on the edges of Park Slope, near Prospect Heights and a stone’s throw (with a very, very strong arm) from Barclay’s Center, which means train accessibility is about as good as it gets (B,Q,D,2,3,R,N,4,5, LIRR). Buses, too, but… why?


Sun In Bloom Flowers at Table

With few places on a weekday that you can get a quality gluten free breakfast around New York City, this should rank high on any list of “places to try” for New Yorkers and travelers alike.

Of course, Sun In Bloom offers lunch and dinner menus as well, including smoothies, pressed juices, to-go items, and baked goods – and they operate brunch on weekends – but if you’re spending some vacation time in New York City, I suggest going here for a nice, healthy, but satisfying weekday breakfast.

But I’m not vegan!!!! Shut up. Neither am I – and I get it. To be honest (sorry, fellow liberal-minded folk), I have trouble calling plates without meat a meal. However, Sun In Bloom provides all you need to be satisfied. Take my meal for instance.

Start here – a frothy cappuccino made with soy milk (rice and almond milks are also available):

Sun In Bloom Cappucino with Soy Milk


Then, so I didn’t run this morning for no reason, I went with the Sunrise Scramble, which is a scrambled tofu that does a fair job of challenging scrambled eggs (you won’t miss the real thing, but you won’t be fooled either) paired with a trio of sides, including brown rice (cooked to perfection), steamed greens, and daily beans. The ginger-miso glaze works exceptionally well to tie it all together. Here:

Sun In Bloom Tofu Scramble

Then, because my self-discipline is nowhere near as well-tuned as I pretended a few seconds ago, I went after the star of the show – pancakes. That’s right, on a random Thursday morning I could walk right in to a nearby spot and order up gluten-free pancakes with no problem. You feel normal. Then, you feel fancy, because they come with chopped nuts, sliced banana and fresh strawberries. Check it:

Sun In Bloom Pancakes

Finally, so I could feel good about the pancakes, I ordered a side kale salad with avocado. I drown my green salads in dressing, which largely defeats the purpose of why I order them, but you should stop judging me. A tasty add-on never-the-less:

Sun In Bloom Side Kale Salad with Avocado

So, yeah, my personal preference is to drizzle everything with bacon grease and apologize to the wide-jawed patrons looking on, but Sun In Bloom delivers in so many ways that any Celiac living in New York or visiting should definitely consider stopping by.

Even if you aren’t looking for a meal, if you’re in the area, drop by and grab a gluten free snack or dessert to go.

Though I haven’t been to the Tribeca location, I have to assume it is very similar (their website has menus posted), just slightly more bourgeois.

If you go, let me know!

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