Why I Exist

When I am looking for a new place to eat, or traveling, I start my search by using apps. “Gluten-free”, “gluten-free friendly” or “gluten-free options” could mean so many different things, so I always end up coming back to the safest way to know where I can eat: a celiac’s testimonial. That usually brings me to blogs.

After over a decade of eating gluten-free as a celiac in New York City, and years of traveling everywhere from Central America, Canada, Europe and Africa to about half of the 50 states (so far), I realized that if I start a blog there is at least some chance that at least one person might have a good, safe meal because I cataloged some of my experiences. Or, at least that person might have an easier time finding one.

I won’t have any recipes here, or any product placements, or any pictures of home-cooked meals. That’s not the point. The point is to provide a resource for celiacs in NYC, traveling to NYC, or traveling to places I’ve traveled to. I ended that last sentence with a preposition.

If this blog helps out a relative, a significant other, or a travel partner of a celiac – awesome. You matter too. If it helps out the gluten-sensitive, or the gluten-fad-dieters or anyone else I’m not thinking of… sure! Glad for that. You matter too.

My guess is that I’ll be a little irreverent and that my personality will filter into the blog somehow, so I apologize for that up front. If you didn’t read this before looking at blog posts, then that’s on you. Deal with it.